Way Tags

Accessible Pharmacy Services can now pre-label medication with WayAround’s WayTags! Simply mention to our care coordinators that you use WayTags at home and that you would like the tag to be added to your package at no charge! This does not replace any of the incredible selection of accessible labeling solutions that we provide, it is just another one in our continuous pursuit of accessibility.

WayAround is a labeling system that works with Apple and Android smartphones to let users with vision loss quickly and easily identify everyday things. Across the world, people use WayAround to label clothing, food, appliances, and more. Now, Accessible Pharmacy can label your medications with WayAround, so you can use the same system to get detailed information about your prescriptions and other items around your home.

Accessible Pharmacy can attach a WayAround WayTag to your prescriptions and other medications. When you receive your prescription, use the free WayAround – Tag and Scan mobile app to scan the WayTag and get information like the medication name, directions, important dates, and more.

WayAround works with your preferred accessibility settings on your smartphone, including:

  • Screen readers like VoiceOver and TalkBack
  • Large font
  • Inverted color schemes
  • Refreshable braille displays.

Download the app here:

Visit WayAround.com to learn more about all the ways you can use WayAround. Also, be sure to check out WayAround’s YouTube channel for instructions on how to read a WayTag and more.

Accessible Pharmacy fully supports the WayAround technology. Please feel free to call us and we can discuss if WayAround is a good fit for you and your needs. It is 100% FREE!

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