Breast Cancer Information for Blind Women

Please join Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind as we discuss breast cancer information for women who are blind and their families. This webinar will have captioning and a live ASL interpreter. If you are unable to attend, still be sure to register to receive access to the webinar audio and video straight to your inbox.

February 25, 2022

12:00 PM EST to 1:30 PM EST



  • Dr. Kim Kubek, MD: Pennsylvania Diagnostic Breast Cancer Center and
  • Dr. Kristen Capece, PharmD, BCGP: Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind
  • Dr. Jill Lykon, PharmD, BCOP: University of Miami Hospital
12:00 – Welcome
12:05 – Dr. Kim Kubek: Breast Cancer Overview and How to Self-Exam
12:50 – American Cancer Society: Accessible Cancer Resources
1:00 – Dr. Kristen Capece: Cancer Medications
1:15 – Dr. Jill Lykon: Impact of Chemotherapy on Medication and Diabetes
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