The Effect Diabetes Can Have on Your Vision

Andy/ December 1, 2020/ blindness, diabetes

The following is a great article about diabetes and blindness from our friend at Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia! Diabetes is a disease that affects the blood sugar and insulin levels in your body. It is well known that people who are affected by diabetes are at a higher risk of developing other health complications such as heart

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Accessible Pharmacy Partners With Be My Eyes

Andy/ November 8, 2020/ Be My Eyes, blindness

Two blind-founded companies are teaming up to assist blind and low vision consumers with medication support, COVID testing and more By Will Butler Look around the pharmacy and what do you see? Small-print labels, identical pill bottles and inaccessible interfaces abound. And in the time of COVID, where drive-up testing and social distancing is the norm, blind and low-vision people

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Raising a Blind Child

Andy/ September 16, 2020/ blind children

We wanted to share this great article about raising a blind child from our friends Ed Henkler and Kristin Smedley  that appeared in THE BLIND GUIDE: Resources for People who are Blind or Visually-impaired: I think it is typical to feel some anxiety as you await the birth of a child. In spite of all the tests and care, will

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Medication Errors of Visually Impaired Patients: ScripTalk

Andy/ July 29, 2020/ accessibility, scriptalk

To get a deeper dive and statistical evidence as to how much ScripTalk can help individuals who are visually impaired with medication safety, En-Vision America commissioned an independent study to be done with ScripTalk patients.​The study results show that while 35 percent of ScripTalk users reported experiencing a medication error prior to using ScripTalk, no one experienced a medication error

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BeMyEyes Webinar

Andy/ July 2, 2020/ blindness

On Thursday, June 25th, BeMyEyes hosted a free webinar. Guests from the Valuable 500, Microsoft, and Google attended to indulge in a wonderful discussion regarding their company and organizations’ accessibility accomplishments. Be My Eyes is a free mobile app that connects sighted and blind users. Functioning through a video call, the Be My Eyes app allows blind users to request

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Diabetes and Blindness

Andy/ June 10, 2020/ diabetes, NFB

For those who are interested in learning more about diabetes and blindness and sharing information with other blind diabetics, you may be interested in the NFB’s Diabetes Talk for the Blind The list is sponsored by the National Federation of the Blind, NFB, and The Diabetes Action Network, DAN. The purpose of the list is to discuss living with diabetes

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Blind Friendly Meter Recommendations

Andy/ May 12, 2020/ AFB, blindness, NFB

We often get questions about Replacement Blind Friendly Meter Recommendations.  The AFB published an article a few years ago and the information is below. Over 16 million Americans have diabetes, a disease in which the body cannot store and regulate glucose properly, and 5 million of them experience vision loss as a result. Although blood glucose meters have allowed people

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National Federation of the Blind Announces Scholarship Finalists

Andy/ May 7, 2020/ blindness, NFB

Baltimore, Maryland (May 6, 2020): The National Federation of the Blind (NFB), the nation’s leading advocate for equal education of the blind, today announced the finalists for its annual scholarship program, which provides financial assistance and connects students with mentoring and other resources. The thirty scholarship finalists are listed below in alphabetical order with their home states and vocational goals.

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Accessibility Barriers on Forty-eight State Coronavirus Websites

Andy/ May 1, 2020/ accessibility, blindness, NFB

The National Federation of the Blind, America’s civil rights organization of the blind, responded today to a recent survey finding accessibility barriers on forty-eight of fifty state websites that provide critical information about the coronavirus pandemic. The survey was commissioned by The Markup and conducted by Web AIM, a widely respected web accessibility organization. Web AIM tested the sites with

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AFB Is Fighting to Protect Rights of Blind and Low Vision Students During COVID-19 Pandemic

Andy/ March 31, 2020/ AFB

The following is a message from the American Foundation for the Blind about the COVID-19 / Coronavirus: During this national period of quarantine due to the novel coronavirus, many US schools have instituted distance learning programs that allow students to continue their education at home. This change should prevent students from losing important academic skills—for example, in reading and math—and

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