Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind: Blindness and Diabetes Webinar

This December 3rd, please join Accessible Pharmacy Services for the Blind as we discuss blindness and diabetes with expert presenters. This FREE, live webinar will include presentations from healthcare providers, diabetes experts, and leaders in the blind community. Participants can expect to learn about blindness and diabetes, nutrition, diabetic retinopathy, accessible glucose monitoring systems and medication, insurance, exercise, real-life self-management tips, and more!
A full agenda and speaker details will be emailed to you before the webinar.
If you are unable to attend, still be sure to register below to receive access to the webinar audio and video straight to your inbox!


Also, coming in the winter of 2021:

  • Tips for blind parents about how to support their young children’s healthcare
  • Breast Cancer for Blind Women

Below are details of previous events: